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anneliese's Journal

An invisible procession going by
30 rock, adventures, afternoon delight, angel, annie hall, anti-racism, antm, arrested development, art, austin, baby-sitters club, barack obama, bartending in the dark, battlestar galactica, bi-curious george, books, bookstores, breakthrough, buffy, chile, chloe dao, christmas, cj, cooking, crossword puzzles, damien rice, darth vader, dawson's creek, democrats, depression, dictionaries, dogs, dollhouse, eddie izzard, editing, education, etiquette, feeding demons to alligators, firefly, fort worth, freaks and geeks, friends, george clooney, hamlet, harry potter, his dark materials, history, home decor, house, icons, imperialism, isabel allende, jodi picoult, jonathan safran foer, joss whedon, judd apatow, karaoke, latin america, layouts, leon trotsky, life of pi, lost, louis de bernieres, luke's, lunch boxes, lying, make it work, manners, memes, michael cera, middle school, models, mood themes, mr. feeny, museums, napoleon, natalie portman, npr, oliver cromwell, patagonia, perfume, pets, pie, piers anthony, project runway, reading the newspaper, revising, school, seth rogen, shakespeare, skirts, sleeping naked, slomming, smothers brothers, south america, spanish, star trek: ds9, stephen colbert, steve brady, storytelling, swashbuckling, teaching, texas, the baby-sitters club, the decembrists, the holiday armadillo, the mists of avalon, the namesake, the new yorker, the postal service, the secret garden, the small rain, the west wing, the wizard of oz, ticket stubs, torchwood, travel, twoo wuv, urban education, ut, veronica mars, virginal weasley, wearing sunglasses at night, wesley, wikipedia, wonderfalls, writing, writing centers